‘Like’ privacy? How to use the privacy settings on Facebook

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Facebook unveiled new privacy settings for its users, including a new interface and streamlined options. It's far easier to keep information private, though most sharing on the site is still done by default.

If you'd like to protect information on your Facebook acccount with the highest privacy settings (which essentially means only allowing your Friends and some advertisers to see it), take the following steps:

1. Go to Facebook.com. Under the "Account" tab on the top right hand side, click "Privacy settings." 2. Click "Friends Only." 3. Click "Apply These Settings" 4. Go to the tab called "Applications and Web sites." 5. Using their new drag and drop feature, across from the tab for "Games and Application Activity," select "Friends Only." 6. On the "Info accessible through your friends," select "Edit settings." Uncheck all the boxes and click "Save changes." 7. Go to the "Instant Personalization" tab. Select "Edit settings" and uncheck the box at the bottom of the page. Click "Confirm." 8. On the "Instant Personalization" page, select "Back to applications." 9. Under the "Public Search" option, select "Edit settings" and uncheck the box entitled "Enable public search." Click "Confirm."

If you'd prefer to keep more things public or semi-public, use the options above but select "Friends of Friends" or "Everyone" (which means the entire Internet will be able to see the information) under the various categories.

For more about Facebook's new privacy settings, visit ACLU of Northern California's DotRights project.

This article from Access World gives useful tips for blind people attempting to change Facebook privacy settings: Click here to read Social Networking Privacy Options.




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