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44th AnniversaryThrough multilingual financial education materials, community outreach, and grassroots "make your voice heard" advocacy, Consumer Action empowers underrepresented consumers nationwide to assert their rights in the marketplace and financially prosper.


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Consumer Action INSIDER - October 2015 The October issue of the Consumer Action INSIDER offers information on CFPB activities and updates on coalition efforts and class action lawsuits. It also tells the tale of one woman's journey to understanding long-term care in the midst of her aging mother's ailing health; offers up the truth about prescription discount cards; gives updates on our education and advocacy work, and invites readers to our 44th anniversary celebration in Washington, DC. ( Thursday, October 01, 2015 )

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Recent Publications

A consumer’s guide to ‘chip’ cards

Library: English | A consumer’s guide to ‘chip’ cards  This publication answers credit and debit card customers’ questions about why the transition to “smartcards" is taking place, how the checkout process will change, what consumer protections they will have and where to get more information about chip cards. Category: Credit Cards on Jul 28, 2015

California’s Lemon Law

Library: English | California’s Lemon Law Protection for new and used car buyers  This fact sheet about California’s protections for new and used car buyers explains how the state Lemon Law works, which vehicles are covered, the arbitration programs used by most car dealers and how consumers can pursue a claim in California. Category: Automobiles on Jul 22, 2015

A consumer’s guide to choosing a prepaid card

Library: English | A consumer’s guide to choosing a prepaid card  A prepaid card that charges low fees, comes with desirable features and offers strong consumer protections can be a good choice for many consumers. This publication will help you learn how to compare your options and choose the best prepaid card for your needs. Category: Banking Money Management Prepaid Cards on Jun 16, 2015

Auto Insurance: The Basics (Spanish)

Library: Spanish | Auto Insurance: The Basics (Spanish)  Tener seguro de auto adecuado es la responsabilidad de todo conductor. Esta guía le ayudará a determinar cuánta cobertura necesita, el tipo que necesita y cómo conseguirla al mejor precio. Filed Under: Automobiles Insurance Money Management on Jun 08, 2015

The right overdraft protection plan

Library: English | The right overdraft protection plan A wise choice  Spending more money than is in your checking account can be a costly mistake. This fact sheet presents the consequences of overdrawing your account, the high cost of “courtesy” overdraft coverage, the better overdraft protection plans that exist and tips for avoiding overdrafts altogether. Category: Banking Money Management on Mar 10, 2015

Auto Insurance - PowerPoint Slides

Library: English | Auto Insurance - PowerPoint Slides  This downloadable 16-slide PowerPoint presentation is designed to be used in conjunction with the auto insurance lesson plan. The slides provide a visual component to the training that will help to engage learners and improve retention. Category: Automobiles Insurance Money Management on Feb 19, 2015

Auto Insurance - Lesson Plan

Library: English | Auto Insurance - Lesson Plan  This downloadable packet guides community educators through a two-and-a-half-hour presentation on auto insurance—from determining the types and amount of coverage needed to finding the right policy, controlling your insurance costs, filing a claim and resolving disputes with the insurer. The lesson plan, which is designed to be used in conjunction with the downloadable PowerPoint presentation, also includes learning activities and a class evaluation form. Category: Automobiles Insurance Money Management on Feb 19, 2015

IP Transition: Making the Switch

Library: English | IP Transition: Making the Switch The next communication evolution  This fact sheet explains what Internet-based (IP) telephone service is, why the transition away from traditional (copper-based landline) phone service is happening and what advantages this type of connection offers for consumers. The brochure also explains consumers’ service options and how they can make a smooth transition. Category: Internet Telecom/TV Wireless on Jan 30, 2015

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