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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chinese Headlines | 明年眾多新法上路 華裔民眾深受影響


Monday, December 19, 2016

Chinese Headlines | 避险基金涉嫌诈骗10亿 纽约多人涉案


Friday, December 16, 2016

Chinese Headlines | 在三藩市試無人車 Uber遭DMV叫停


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Chinese Headlines | 川普上台 律师:EB-5投资移民影响不大


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Chinese Headlines | 你該有幾張信用卡?

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Teens & Money - Talking to teens about money (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Teens & Money - Talking to teens about money (Chinese) . 這本21頁的手冊原先是為家長設計的﹐但對於較大年齡的青少年也很有用處。主題包括多方面﹕工作﹑預算﹑衡量購物究竟是"需要"或"想要"﹑銀行事務﹑支票﹑儲蓄﹑信用卡﹑信用報告﹑駕駛及手機等等。這本手冊對於每週開支評估﹑工資支票存根﹑如何以比價購物來省錢以及如何寫支票等均有舉例說明。手冊也包括一系列可供家長及青少年尋求協助的網站。
This 21-page booklet is designed primarily for parents but may also be useful for older teens. It covers many topics, including working, budgeting, figuring out if a purchase is a "need" or a "want," banking, writing checks, savings, credit cards, credit reports, driving and cell phones. The booklet contains illustrations and examples of a weekly spending evaluation, a paycheck stub, how comparison shopping can save money and how to write a check. It also contains a list of helpful web sites for parents and kids. Category: Money Management on Oct 22, 2012

Cell Phone Savvy (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Cell Phone Savvy (Chinese) How to avoid problems with your wireless device and service. 本手冊將詳述如何避免無線通訊器材及通訊服務產生的問題 This publication provides information on how to avoid problems with your wireless device and service. Category: on Oct 11, 2012

Improve Your Credit -  Put Bad Credit Behind You (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Improve Your Credit -  Put Bad Credit Behind You (Chinese) . 這本簡單易讀的手冊說明良好信用的重要性、信貸申請如不獲批准時的個人權利、如何查核個人信用報告﹑如果信用報告有錯誤時如何爭議﹐以及如何開始建立良好信用。
An easy-to-read brochure that explains why having good credit is important, your rights if your credit application is rejected, how to check your credit report, how to dispute mistakes on your credit report and how to begin to rebuild good credit. Category: Credit Credit Fraud Credit Reports Credit Scores on Aug 28, 2012

Your Digital Dollars - Safety and privacy in online and mobile transactions (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Your Digital Dollars - Safety and privacy in online and mobile transactions (Chinese) . 當今人們的生活日漸繁忙,不論是購物、理財、工作或社交,都需依賴電腦或行動通訊器材,因此造成個人資料曝光的機會大增。As more daily tasks, from shopping and banking to working and socializing, get done on a computer or mobile device, the opportunities to expose personal data increase. Category: Fraud/Scams Internet Privacy Rights Telecom/TV Wireless on Aug 20, 2012

Prepaid Cards (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Prepaid Cards (Chinese) An alternative to credit and debit cards. 你可以學習到這種能夠重新加值的預付卡與其它“塑料”信貸卡的相異之處、如何配合個人所需選用最合適的預付卡,以及如何減少卡費支出及精明善用預付卡帳戶。Learn how reloadable prepaid cards are different from other forms of “plastic,” how to select the best prepaid card for your needs, how to reduce card costs and how to manage your card account wisely. Category: Banking Money Management Prepaid Cards on Jul 30, 2012

Your Digital Dollars - Banking Online Safely (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Your Digital Dollars - Banking Online Safely (Chinese) Protect your identity and accounts while banking by computer. 以前消費者如果想付帳單、存入支票、或是處理任何金融轉帳事務,都需要去一趟銀行或郵局。但是當今的科技文明卻讓客戶不必出門就能在家中或辦公室處理銀行事務或支付帳單。 Paying a bill, depositing a check or conducting any other financial transaction used to require a trip to the bank or post office. Now technology makes it possible to bank and pay bills without leaving your home or office. Category: Banking Fraud/Scams Internet Money Management Privacy Rights on Jul 17, 2012

Filing a Housing Discrimination Complaint (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Filing a Housing Discrimination Complaint (Chinese) . 公平住屋法保障租客及房屋買主不受歧視。如果你自認是住屋歧視受害者,你有權利向HUD提出投訴。如果能瞭解投訴及解決之道,將有助於你衡量抉擇及採取行動。 Fair housing laws protect renters and buyers from discrimination. If you believe you were a victim of housing discrimination, you have the right to file a housing discrimination complaint with HUD. Understanding the complaint and resolution process will help you weigh your options and take action. Category: Housing Discrimination Home Financing Housing Insurance Mortgages Tenant Rights on Feb 07, 2012

Know the Signs of Housing Discrimination (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Know the Signs of Housing Discrimination (Chinese) . 藉由種族、膚色、宗教、性別、祖籍、家庭狀況,或是殘障等原因而拒絕提供機會,就是住屋歧視,而這是違法的。如果你的房東、售屋者、貸款公司及其他人有以上情形,那是觸犯法律的,身為一位住屋歧視受害者,你可以保護自己的權益。 The denial of housing opportunities because of race, color, religion, sex, nationality, familial status or disability is housing discrimination, and it’s illegal. You can recognize if you are a victim of housing discrimination—and protect your rights—if you know what actions by landlords, sellers, lenders and others are against the law. Category: Housing Buying a Home Discrimination Mortgages Tenant Rights on Feb 07, 2012

Roaming the World with Your Phone (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Roaming the World with Your Phone (Chinese) . 出國度假時如能和國內保持通訊,會是一件令人愉快的事,如果是去出差,行程也將更有收獲。事先做好計劃可以讓遊客在通電話或發短訊時節省開銷,同時也能預估國際數據服務的消費額。Being connected can make an international vacation more enjoyable, and an overseas business trip more productive. Planning ahead will enable travelers to save money on calls and messaging as well as keep their international data charges predictable. Category: Telecom/TV Wireless on Jan 27, 2012

Television Service (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Television Service (Chinese) Learn how to get results. 多數美國家庭是以電視做為他們在安全、緊急資訊,娛樂以及教育方面的主要訊息資源。如今的電視有數百個播映頻道可以選擇,而且許多商家可利用它來做生意促銷, 電視的功能已不再像以前那樣單純。本文將詳述消費者的電視服務選擇以及如何為你和家人做出正確選擇。
Television is a key source of safety and emergency information, entertainment, and education for U.S. households. With hundreds of channels to choose from and many service providers vying for business, TV is not as simple as it once was. This fact sheet will explain your options and help you make the right choices for you and your family. Category: Telecom/TV on Nov 30, 2011


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