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In this section called "On Our Radar," Consumer Action shares thought-provoking and informative issues on a variety of topics. You can add your thoughts and comments.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The issues presented in "On Our Radar" and the comments of our guests do not necessarily state or reflect the views of Consumer Action.



Protect your privacy when making mobile payments
The Consumer Federation of America has released new tips on how to protect your privacy and security when making mobile payments. Comments: 0

Avoiding fraud, cyber threats when banking
The FDIC has released new materials to help bank customers reduce their vulnerability to computer related crimes. Comments: 0

Communities are losing millions to predatory lenders
A new website reveals how much money communities are losing to predatory lenders each day that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) delays taking action to rein them in. Comments: 0

2015 survey offers California drivers insurance pricing insight
The annual pricing survey from the California Department of Insurance helps drivers narrow the list of which insurers to request a quote from—and to see how their current insurer's pricing compares. Comments: 0

Shopping apps don’t give consumers key information
A report issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has found that a host of mobile apps used for shopping do not give consumers important information about payment and liability prior to download. Comments: 0

The most and least expensive states for car insurance
Insure.com has released its current year survey identifying the most and least expensive states to buy car insurance. Comments: 0

Switching banks costs more than just headaches for consumers
A new report from Consumers Union looks at the obstacles faced by consumers who decide to switch banks. Comments: 0

Students caught between banks and universities
U.S. Public Interest Research Group (US PIRG) has released a report that explores the relationship between banks and universities, including how partnerships between the two to provide student aid disbursements or student ID cards may end up costing students. Comments: 0

Class action lawsuits deter companies from financial wrongdoing, study finds
A study released by The Investor Advocate reports that the threat of class action lawsuits against corporations is more of a deterrent to corporate malfeasance than SEC enforcement action. Comments: 0

Map of medical identity theft reveals geographic patterns
The World Privacy Forum has published an interactive map of medical identity theft occurrences in the United States, based on complaints to the Federal Trade Commission. Comments: 0

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