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Protect your privacy when making mobile payments
The Consumer Federation of America has released new tips on how to protect your privacy and security when making mobile payments. Comments: 0

Avoiding fraud, cyber threats when banking
The FDIC has released new materials to help bank customers reduce their vulnerability to computer related crimes. Comments: 0

Communities are losing millions to predatory lenders
A new website reveals how much money communities are losing to predatory lenders each day that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) delays taking action to rein them in. Comments: 0

2015 survey offers California drivers insurance pricing insight
The annual pricing survey from the California Department of Insurance helps drivers narrow the list of which insurers to request a quote from—and to see how their current insurer's pricing compares. Comments: 0

How safe are your savings?
Investors will continue to be preyed upon as long as brokers, banks and insurers are allowed to place profits above the best interests of their clients, finds a new report by Demos. Comments: 0

Recent changes in reverse mortgages impact older homeowners
Consumers have more choice in reverse mortgages, but these loans are generally more expensive and more complicated, finds a new study by the AARP Public Policy Institute. Comments: 0

Groups release joint principles on prepaid payroll cards
Two national consumer groups work with industry to develop joint principles on payroll cards, a type of prepaid card used for distributing wages when workers don't have a bank account to accept direct deposit. Comments: 0

Study sees “financial self-efficacy’ as vital component of financial success
Financial self-efficacy is a psychological concept that can be an important predictor of successful performance in individual financial empowerment. Comments: 0

Study: How people perceive online behavioral advertising
Carnegie Mellon University researchers Aleecia M. McDonald and Lorrie Faith Cranor conducted this study of attitudes about Internet advertising. While many of the participants raised privacy issues in the first few minutes of discussion without any prompting about privacy, most knew little or nothing about online advertising and tracking. Comments: 0

Overdraft fees: How to beat the bank
Video report of one man's war with Wells Fargo about overdraft fees. Comments: 0

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