Updated: February 2013

2009-2010 Accomplishments

In 2009-2010 Consumer Action made a positive and tangible difference in the lives of consumers all across the country. Here’s a snapshot of some of our successes in the last year:

Fighting alongside you

Consumer Action provides invaluable financial literacy materials and trainings to non-profits and community-based organizations (CBOs) that really need them. Our work helps them, and you, weather the ever-deepening effects of the recession. To that end, last year we trained 796 staff in five regional meetings and 20 roundtables, and administered $141,000 in stipend grants to community-based organizations throughout the U.S. Our admin team also developed an online ordering system so that staff at CBOs are able to quickly and easily order materials.

Making financial literacy easy and clear

Consumer Action’s publications are highly regarded for their down-to-earth writing and pragmatic approach to the pocketbook issues consumers care about. We also make sure all of our publications reflect the changing financial landscape, new laws and regulations, and offer practical, actionable advice for consumers. In 2009, we updated more than 320 publications, both online and offline, in multiple languages. Among these were materials on Internet safety, reverse mortgages, workplace privacy, and staying on track with credit, as well as newsletters on health care, travel insurance, credit cards, and prepaid cards. Our administration team fulfilled over 2,300 bulk orders last year for about 630,000 publications.

Protecting your pocketbook from Wall Street

Because consumer need an independent, strong agency to keep Wall Street greed in check, Consumer Action has again worked hard to pass an independent federal consumer financial protection agency, whose primary job would be to protect consumers. We also provided comments to the Federal Reserve’s rulemaking on the new credit card law and worked on debt settlement comments to the Federal Trade Commission, after which we issued a joint consumer advisory on debt settlement with other national consumer groups.

Keeping Big Business out of your business

The issue of privacy – in the online and offline world – continues to evolve as a huge issue for consumers. Consumer Action has established itself as a foremost advocate on digital and health privacy, working in coalition with leading national groups to lobby for strong privacy protections in legislations and regulations. We helped launch a report card on online personal health records, advocated for stronger patient privacy protections at the World Congress 2nd Annual Leadership conference on health information technology, and attended other key conferences including the TransAtlantic Consumer Dialog in Brussels, Belgium.

Reaching out to our supporters

Last year Consumer Action made a commitment to reach out and get to know our supporters better. In the last five months, our distribution staff has sent 813 solicitation letters to CBOs across the country asking for feedback on our materials and trainings, and we’ve improved our online donation page to allow contributions through PayPal, Network for Good, and Just Give. We’ve also added a reoccurring payment function to make it easier to give more frequently at any level. Our development department continues to spread the word about Consumer Action’s work with national funders.


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