Updated: April 2019

2017-2018 Accomplishments

Did you know? That the year ending March 31, 2018, Consumer Action...

  • Maintained a diverse staff of 24 in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington, DC, that collectively speaks 16 languages and/or dialects
  • Traveled to 30 different cities to conduct trainings, make presentations and staff exhibit tables at community events
  • Trained 230 community group representatives in person, with another 276 learners participating in our webinars
  • Compiled more than 400 packets of materials needed for the participants of our train- the-trainer events and annual national conference
  • Responded to 6,274 complaints and communications to our hotline on a variety of issues, with the top five areas of complaint being: customer service, refunds/overcharges, deceptive ads/offers, defective goods and fraud
  • Ended the fiscal year with 4,334 followers on Twitter and 4,686 Facebook fans
  • Posted 354 Chinese, 484 Spanish and 1,051 English news headlines on our websites
  • Participated as a member of more than 70 national and state coalitions that amplified the voice of consumers on issues ranging from consumer data privacy and the need to expand our rights to protect our personal information to keeping our nation’s air traffic control out of the hands of private, for-profit interests
  • Had a total of 1,984,962 pageviews across eight websites
  • Posted 128 cases open to claims in our Class Action Database, which drew 898,532 unique pageviews, an increase of 29 percent over the previous year
  • Translated 41 publications, posted 93 new or updated publications to our online library, and printed 177,575 copies of our free, multilingual materials
  • Conducted nine mass e-mailings to community-based organizations to alert them to newly published consumer education and training materials
  • Filled 980 bulk order requests from community-based organizations across the country for 251,481 copies of our free, multilingual publications
  • Had about 120,000 subscribers to our email list, 2,250 of whom composed their own email messages to their elected officials on topics of their own choosing
  • Generated 33,269 emails from our subscribers to policymakers on a variety of topics, from protecting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under the Trump Administration to supporting a rule to prohibit mandatory binding arbitration provisions in nursing home contracts



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