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Technology & Telecommunications

This category covers technology, science, and communications related issues, including: technology assessment, technology transfer and commercialization, telecommunication rates and fees, telephone and wireless communication, computers and information technology, advanced technology and technological innovations, digital media, communications, internet, mobile, and radio spaces.


National Legislation

S 1450: The Commercial Flight Courtesy Act

Sponsor: Lamar Alexander [R-TNnull] on 2017-06-28

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The Commercial Flight Courtesy Act would prohibit the use of cell phones for voice communications on regularly scheduled commercial flights.  It would allow the use of personal electronic devices such as Kindles and iPads during flight, which the Federal Aviation Administration has approved.


National Legislation

HR 898: Credit Score Competition Act of 2017

Sponsor: Edward Royce [R-CA39] on 2017-02-07

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This bill would require Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to establish procedures for considering expanded credit scoring models (models that may use rent, utility, and telecom payments) and and certain credit scores in making a determination whether to purchase a residential mortgage, and for other purposes.


National Legislation

HR 1004: Regulatory Integrity Act of 2017

Sponsor: Tim Walberg [R-MI7] on 2017-02-13

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H.R. 1004 will significantly undermine federal agencies’ ability to engage and inform the public in a meaningful and transparent way regarding its work on important science-based rulemakings that will greatly benefit the public.