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Fee of the Month

In this special feature, Consumer Action analyzes some of the sneakiest fees and surcharges that affect consumers, and offers tips on how to avoid them. If you have a "favorite" hidden fee you'd like to recommend, e-mail us at the Consumer Complaint Hotline.

  • Mar 04, 2008  Airlines' second-bag fee
    Two major airlines, United Airlines and US Airways, have recently announced a new baggage policy that will require consumers traveling
  • Jan 17, 2008  Insurance Premium Installment Fees
    We often hear the phrase, “The poor pay more,” and here’s a couple concrete examples of how people who
  • Nov 29, 2006  Gift Card Fees
    Gift cards are the chicken entrée of Christmas presents: an uninspired but inoffensive middle ground that often is the
  • Oct 02, 2006  The Opt-Out Fee
    For years the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), an organization of businesses that send out bulk unsolicited marketing communications, has let


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