Protect a complaint process that’s CRITICAL to consumers!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


We need your help in urging Acting Director Mick Mulvaney to maintain—and expand—public access to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) complaint information.

Call on the CFPB to tell consumers how companies are handling their complaints.

This complaint information helps users avoid costly financial traps and empowers consumers to protect themselves. (If you'd like to view the complaint page at CFPB, click here.)

Consumers can get answers to financial questions, report a problem to the public complaint database, and review and analyze others' financial complaints. But the acting director is threatening to remove all of this from public view.

Tell the consumer bureau that these tools are important to you. Your action can help you protect yourself and other consumers, and hold financial firms accountable for the way they treat us!

Comment deadline: Monday, July 16.

  • Click here to email your comment. (This will only work if you have your browser configured to send emails.)

​             OR

  • To submit your comment to the CFPB on, follow these instructions:
  1. Select and copy the sample letter below.
  2. Then click here and paste the letter into the comment box. (Please be aware that your name will become part of the public record.)
  3. Edit it as you see fit, fill in your name and click continue to submit your comment.

I am writing to comment on Docket #CFPB-2018-0014. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is one of the very few places I can turn to for help in solving a complaint with my bank or other financial services company.

I can file a complaint and use the CFPB's complaint database to check out a company before doing business with it. This complaint tool lets me learn from others’ firsthand experiences.

The CFPB should release the consumer feedback it collects on complaint outcomes. Consumer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a complaint’s outcome—and the details why—are precisely the kind of information consumers value to indicate if a company actually stands behind its products and services.

I am also very concerned that you are threatening to ban consumer access to this important tool. The public complaint database helps us protect ourselves against deception and unfair business practices. The details in the database help me make better financial choices.

The CFPB's complaint process helps to hold companies accountable. The fact that the complaint database is available to the public is the deterrent some companies need to address complaints they would otherwise ignore.

It is the CFPB's mission to protect and inform consumers and to make financial markets more fair, accountable, transparent and competitive. The CFPB’s complaint process and public complaint database helps it achieve its mission.

There is simply no good reason to hide complaint information from consumers. Please keep this valuable complaint tool available to the public.



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