Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Raising Money Smart Kids Cover Art

Raising Money Smart Kids

Author: By Janet Bodnar
Publisher: Kaplan Business
ASIN: 1419505165

About This Book

"Raising Money Smart Kids: What They Need to Know about Money - and How to Tell Them" is written by Kiplinger's Personal Finance "Money Smart Kids" columnist Janet Bodnar. As a mother of three and a deputy editor of the monthly magazine, she has firsthand experience of the increased spending power and financial temptations facing today's children.Her writing is accessible, engaging and entertaining as she dishes out advice to parents on how to help children develop a healthy attitude toward money, see through advertising hype and stand up to peer pressure.

Using real-life examples from her "Money-Smart Kids" column, which she has written for more than a decade, Bodnar offers creative cures for the grocery-cart "gimmies," plus guidance on how to set up a simple allowance system that works, keep birthday parties from getting out of hand, and help kids learn the virtues of working for pay.

With financial literacy a hot-button issue, "Raising Money Smart Kids" gives straightforward and provocative advice on topical subjects:

  • Six money skills kids should master before they leave home.
  • Why teenagers don't need credit cards.
  • Painless ways to turn kids on to saving and investing.
  • Fostering generosity and gratitude in your children.
  • Money 101 for college students.
  • How to raise financially confident daughters.
  • Coping with young adults who move back home.

Sprinkled with anecdotes, stumpers from kids (plus appropriate responses) and a quiz for parents, Bodnar's book is full of ideas and resources that parents can use to raise money smart kids.






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