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All Consumer Action publications are available online, with most also available as a PDF download. Government agencies, nonprofits and other community-based organizations who wish to distribute our publications for educational purposes can use the PDF file to instantly produce a professional-looking brochure using an office printer.

Share financial data with care

A Consumer Action Project | Share financial data with care
Our “Share Financial Data with Care” project page features online resources—fact sheets, webinars, videos and news stories—to expand consumer awareness about how financial services applications (“apps”) access, collect, store, use and share customers’ personal information and how users can exercise control over data sharing and protect their privacy.

Improving your financial health with FinTech

Library: English | Improving your financial health with FinTech: A beginner’s guide to personal finance apps

Financial technology (FinTech) is the use of modern technology, such as the internet and apps (downloadable mobile software), to develop powerful financial services tools for consumers and businesses. For those who are motivated to improve their finances and dedicated to working toward their goals, FinTech can make the process more convenient, efficient and even rewarding. This guide will introduce you to the types of FinTech tools available and how they can help you. It will also tell you what to consider when choosing an app and how to stay safe when using FinTech.

Category: Banking FinTech Internet Technology on Jun 28, 2018


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