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Library: Korean | Getting up to speed (Korean) . Today, high-speed home internet service (broadband) is virtually a necessity for everything from finding a job to doing homework. However, many low-income households are at a disadvantage because broadband has been unaffordable for them. This fact sheet explains more about broadband, including its importance, benefits, availability and pricing. It also presents special programs that offer low-income households fast home internet service at a discount.  Filed Under: Internet Money Management on Nov 14, 2016

Library: Korean | Watch out! Online video and your privacy (Korean) . While consumers now have many more options for how, where and when they watch video, they also face new risks to their personal privacy. This publication makes viewers aware of the privacy issues raised by video streaming and video sharing technology as well as what they can do to protect themselves. Filed Under: Internet Privacy Rights on Oct 05, 2016

Library: Korean | What’s not to ‘Like’? (Korean) Protecting your privacy on social media . Online sharing is a hugely popular pastime. This publication presents the potential risks of oversharing on social media and provides specific tips and tools for participating in social networks while also protecting your privacy and staying safe online. Filed Under: Internet Privacy Rights on Sep 13, 2016

Library: Korean | Put a Lock on It - Protecting your online privacy (Korean) . This fact sheet gives Internet users the knowledge to keep themselves and their families safe while taking advantage of the many benefits of being online. Topics include securing your online accounts and mobile apps, shopping and banking safely on a computer or mobile device, preserving your privacy while using social media, and avoiding unwelcome content and communications. Filed Under: Internet Privacy Rights on Jan 14, 2016

Library: Korean | IP Transition: Making the Switch (Korean) The next communication evolution. This fact sheet explains what Internet-based (IP) telephone service is, why the transition away from traditional (copper-based landline) phone service is happening and what advantages this type of connection offers for consumers. The brochure also explains consumers’ service options and how they can make a smooth transition. Filed Under: Internet Telecom/TV Wireless on Jan 30, 2015

Library: Korean | Your Digital Dollars - Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments (Korean) Make financial transactions safely on the go. Check your balance…transfer money…make a purchase—these are just a few of the things you can do on the go with a cellular telephone or other mobile device. Filed Under: Banking Fraud/Scams Internet Money Management on Apr 23, 2012

Library: Korean | Your Digital Dollars - Safety and privacy in online and mobile transactions (Korean) Protect your identity and data while banking or paying digitally. As more daily tasks, from shopping and banking to working and socializing, get done on a computer or mobile device, the opportunities to expose personal data increase.
Filed Under: Fraud/Scams Internet Privacy Rights Wireless on Apr 19, 2012

Library: Korean | Your Digital Dollars - Banking Online Safely (Korean) Protect your identity and accounts while banking by computer. Paying a bill, depositing a check or conducting any other financial transaction used to require a trip to the bank or post office. Now technology makes it possible to bank and pay bills without leaving your home or office. Filed Under: Banking Fraud/Scams Internet Money Management Privacy Rights on Mar 28, 2012

Library: Korean | Internet Service (Korean) Learn how to get results. The Internet has changed the way we work, socialize and shop—we can now do all those things without ever leaving home. But that doesn’t mean the Internet is always safe, or that it’s always free. This fact sheet explains your options for Internet and email service. It also explains some risks of using the Internet and provides tips for protecting yourself, your family, and your personal information and computer data. Filed Under: Internet Privacy Rights on May 04, 2011

Library: Korean | Internet Safety (Korean) A computer user's guide to privacy and security. This publication outlines ways that you can protect yourself and your computer when you use the Internet and email. Filed Under: Fraud/Scams Internet Privacy Rights on Sep 22, 2009

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