From FinTech apps to payday lending traps, consumers are striving to survive in an increasingly complex marketplace. Do more than survive—prosper. Invest in yourself and your loved ones by supporting our up-to-the-minute, award-winning consumer education and advocacy work.
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quoteIt's very difficult for average consumers to get advice/help with problem companies. Your free advice by phone and email, with personalized complaint handling...and active representation in Congress, are very important to me.

—— Ms W.
North Carolina, June 2019

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We are fighting for you

Consumer Action is making it easy for you to make the world a better place in 2020!

We had some really amazing “wins” last year, and you can help us keep up the good work. For instance, we fought to get legislation passed in the House (now in the Senate!) to protect your ability to take an abusive corporation to court. And we worked with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to keep the agency’s massive consumer complaint database open to the public so that you can report a bank, lender or other corporation that does you wrong (and make informed decisions—based on others’ complaints—on whether or not to do business with them).

With your help, we'll be able to continue to make a positive change in 2020, despite an increasingly anti-regulatory, anti-consumer sentiment among many in government. It's support from people like you—people who decide to become involved in the new year—that will allow us to beat back against the tide of corporations and lobbyists pushing for policies that make it easier for a lender to trap your neighbor in a cycle of debt, or for a sham for-profit school to enroll your son or daughter.

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