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AB 1163: Right to Repair Act: Give consumers the right to have their devices repaired

Sponsor: Assemblymember Susan Talamantes Eggman on 2019-02-21

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AB 1163, the "Right to Repair Act," would provide consumers with the right to have their electronic devices repaired. By requiring device manufacturers to provide access to diagnostic guides and repair parts, this bill would help prolong the lifespan of electronic devices and save consumers money. In turn, fewer discarded electronics would…

SB 378: Estate tax

Sponsor: Scott Wiener on 2019-03-25

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SB 378 would allow voters to decide whether to reestablish a state inhertance tax. The first $3.5 million of inherited wealth wouls be excluded. To ensure that the inheritance taxes collected would not be misused, they would be placed in the Children's Wealth and Opportunity Building Fund. This fund would…

AB 1340: Bring back “Gainful employment” standards

Sponsor: Assemblymember David Chiu on 2019-02-22

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AB 1340 would establish “gainful employment” protections at the state level for students who attend for-profit schools. Students attending for-profit vocational schools have higher dropout rates, higher student loan balances, and default more frequently on their loans compared to those who attend public or non-profit schools. By comparing student debt to…

SB 248: Increase the state renters’ tax credit

Sponsor: Senator Steve Glazer on 2019-02-11

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SB 248 would increase the state renters’ credit to a maximum of $220 for individuals, or $440 for spouses who file jointly. The renters’ tax credit has not been adjusted since 1979. Although the average rent has more than tripled since then, the credit has remained at $60. Had the $60 credit been adjusted…

SB 616: Protect the bank accounts of low-income Californians from debt collectors

Sponsor: Senator Bob Wieckowski on 2019-02-22

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SB 616 would protect low-income Californians from debt collectors attempting to empty their bank accounts. By preventing collectors from taking the last $2,000 from an individual’s account, the bill would help judgment debtors maintain the ability to provide basic necessities for their households.

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