Published: April 2016

A strong FCC preserves net neutrality

Consumer Action joined other consumer rights and privacy advocates in sending a letter to House of Representatives leadership expressing opposition to H.R. 2666, the “No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act.” This bill would strip the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of authority to review certain practices of broadband providers related to their customers’ privacy. Despite its name, the bill has much less to do with preventing the FCC from setting rates for broadband service than with preventing the FCC from investigating practices that may undermine the open Internet rules.

The “No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act” (H.R. 2666) prohibits the FCC from regulating broadband Internet rates, something the FCC has promised not to do. However, the bill is worded so vaguely that it could be interpreted to forbid the FCC from enforcing many key net neutrality principles. At best, H.R. 2666 is a poorly written bill that brings a host of unintended consequences. At worst, it’s a calculated attempt to undermine the net neutrality principles Consumer Action and coalition advocates have been fighting for.

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For more information, please visit Public Knowledge.

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