Published: March 2023

Advocates blast so-called data privacy bill that would wipe out state consumer protections

Consumer advocates blasted a so-called data privacy bill, introduced by Representative Patrick McHenry (R-NC), that would actually roll back protections provided under state law while offering little or no real new federal protections.

Consumer Action and half a dozen other consumer advocacy groups wrote to the House Financial Services Committee to express opposition to data privacy legislation proposed by the Republican committee chair, Representative Patrick McHenry, that would preempt a broad array of stronger state laws while offering no or little new protections at the federal level. Among the current protections the bill would preempt are any state laws regulating financial institutions’ collection or disclosure of personal information. The bill also fails to address the need for a private right of action or remedy for harmed consumers, which many existing state laws provide. 

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National Consumer Law Center

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