Published: February 2023

A call to end junk fees

In response to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) call for comment regarding junk fees—added charges onto the cost of everything from event ticket purchases to hotel room rentals—Consumer Action joined allies in a letter encouraging the FTC to rein in the valueless, often-hidden fees.

According to research by Consumer Reports in 2019, the average family of four pays about $3,200 a year in fees. These fees are imposed on cable service, hotel rooms, concert and event tickets, airline tickets, bank accounts, financial services, rental cars, and many other services. Often the fees are unexpected—hidden until checkout. Consumer Action and more than 40 allies responded to the Federal Trade Commission’s call for comment on junk fees, encouraging the agency to regulate the added charges. In addition to “nickel and diming” America’s consumers, the fees, which do not add value for consumers, harm honest businesses by allowing their competition to bait consumers with low prices and hide the fees until later in the transaction.

Lead Organization

Consumer Federation of America

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Click here to read the coalition letter.

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