Published: August 2021

Everyone should have equal opportunities and access to products and services

Both Republicans and Democrats are calling for the continued universal acceptance of U.S. currency as a payment option for all consumers in the United States. The bipartisan Payment Choice Act of 2021 would make it illegal for retail businesses to refuse to accept cash for in-person, consumer transactions at stores nationwide. Consumer advocates support this important legislation, explaining that there are roughly 37 million adults in the United States who lack a bank account or credit card and need to use cash to pay for their necessities. 

The bipartisan Payment Choice Act would make it illegal for retail businesses to reject cash for in-person transactions at stores across the country. Thirty-seven million adults in the United States may lack access to digital forms of payment, including credit or debit cards. Consumer Action joined coalition members in supporting this important bill. It’s crucial that consumers to be able to obtain necessities at their local stores and restaurants without being turned away because they want to pay with cash.


Lead Organization

Consumer Action

Other Organizations

Center for California Homeowner Association Law | Center for Economic Integrity | Chicago Consumer Coalition | Columbia Consumer Education Council | Constitutional Alliance | Consumer Action | Consumer Assistance Council, Inc. | Consumer Federation of America | Consumer Federation of California | Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety | Defending Rights & Dissent | Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council, Inc. | Demand Progress | Electronic Frontier Foundation | Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) | Empire State Consumer Project | Fight for the Future | Florida Silver Haired Legislature, Inc. | Georgia Watch | Largo Florida Civic Association | Mountain State Justice, Inc. | NAACP | National Association of Consumer Advocates | National Association of Neighborhoods | National Center for Law and Economic Justice | National Consumer Law Center (on behalf of its low income clients) | National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) | New Jersey Citizen Action | Oakland Privacy | Oregon Citizens’ Utility Board | Parent Coalition for Student Privacy | Patient Privacy Rights | Privacy Rights Clearinghouse | Public Citizen | Public Justice Center | SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center | South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development (SCACED) | SPLC Action Fund | Strike Debt Bay Area | Texas Consumer Association | The Kentucky Equal Justice Center | THE ONE LESS FOUNDATION | Virginia Citizen Consumer Council

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For more information on the Payment Choice Act, click here.


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