Published: August 2019

Vehicle owners should have control over their vehicle’s data

Coalition: the U.S. Vehicle Data Access Coalition

Consumer Action signed on to the U.S. Vehicle Data Access Coalition’s comment letter regarding bi-partisan and bi-cameral autonomous vehicle legislation to members of Congress. The coalition has the federal legislative goal to reaffirm and codify a motor vehicle owner’s right to control the motor vehicle data generated by their vehicles.

Consumer Action joined the U.S. Vehicle Data Access Coalition is urging Congress to adapt several parameters into upcoming autonomous vehicle legislation:

1. Expand the law to confirm that a vehicle owner owns the rights to control data from their own vehicle;  

2. Reaffirm a vehicle owner’s right to access this data;

3. Mandate that such control and access be bi-directional and in real time with non-proprietary standardized language; and

4. Preserve competition, consumer protection and privacy with respect to vehicle data access, including preserving competition in the aftermarket and replacement parts and service sectors of the economy.

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