Published: September 2010

Basic Instructions: Online Ordering

STEP ONE Look for the Online Order Icon.

The Order Online icon is now displayed on publications that can be order online. The icon is displayed with the text: "This Publication Can Be Ordered Online." When viewing this icon/text combination, clicking on the image will jump you to the Order Publication section of that particular publication.


STEP TWO Order Publication
If you are a registered member and you are already logged-in to the Consumer Action website, the Order Publication section provides you with the option to Print & Fax in an order via an order form, available for download as a Adobe Portable Document (PDF) file, if you don't wish to use online ordering. Otherwise, add the publication to your shopping cart is provided.

If you are not logged-in to the system, the page will look similar to the below image.


STEP THREE Logging In or Registering

In Step Two, if you were not logged in and click on the log-in link, then you will receive the above dialog box. Please enter your user_name and password, if you already have an Online Member Account with Consumer Action. Online Member Accounts are free.


STEP FOUR Browse Your Shopping Cart

You can check what's in your shopping cart from anywhere on the site. So feel free to add items to the cart, then browse Headline News, Training Materials, or more. When you're ready to check out, just click on the basket icon at the top of the page the login button. Then follow the instructions on the check out page.


STEP FIVE Checking Out/Placing Order
The top half of the Shopping Cart Page allows you to review your order. You can change the quantity of items ordered. Remove items from the order list, etc.


You provide shipping details and submit your order on the bottom half of the Shopping Cart Page.


That's the basics of the new online ordering system: (a) Order Online or Fax; (b) Become an Online Member; (3) Log-In; (4) Add Publications; and (5) Place Order. Remember, you can always call Consumer Action for additional help: (415) 777-9635.


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