Published: December 2005

Basic Site Navigation II

Sidebar Navigation Menu

The sidebar menu is actual composed of two primary areas.

  1. The "Quick Select" Area
    The Quick Select Area consists primarily of pull-down menus and the simple search function
  2. The Text Navigation Area
    The Text Navigation are provides an array of secondary offerings, that are dependent on where you are located in the site.

The Consumer Action website is large and growing, so are primary consideration is insuring that you access the information you need as easily, and as rapidly as possible. The site has different language offerings; different subsites based on projects and programs; as well as number of publication categories.

The Quick Select Area is key to your rapid navigation. You can switch languages, limit your view to specific categories of publications, or jump to subsites of Consumer Action. Note: Jumping to subsites of Consumer Action may change the top navigation menu.


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Quick Menu

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