Published: December 2005

Can I Subscribe to an RSS (News) Feed?

Yes! RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds are a great new method that allow you to keep up-to-date with our site. By subscribing to one or all of the Consumer Action news feeds, you can quickly review the latest news and publications without having to browse or search for new material. There are a number of applications that allow you to read RSS feeds, NetNewsWire being one of the more popular and full featured options. But if you're not into separate software downloads, many of the more modern web browsers also offer quick and easy access to subscriptions (syndication feeds). For example, if your browsing this website using the latest version of Apple's Safari, a blue RSS symbol will display in your "address bar".

Clicking on the blue RSS symbol will take you to a web version of our syndication page or open the feed in the application of your choice, based on your web browser preferences. If your not using Safari, Opera, Firefox and Mozilla also offer quick access to RSS feeds. If your using Internet Explorer, you will need to find an alternative application.

We plan to offer a number of RSS feeds in the future, but for now, our primary feed can be viewed here:

  1. English Publications


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