Published: January 2006

How do I search Consumer Action’s website?

We have tried to make navigatiing the Consumer Action web site easy. If you know what you're looking for you can try our search function, located in the sidebar at right. You can access "Search" from almost every page in the site. Here are some search tips.

  • Check spelling
    Spelling is important, so double check that you've spelled the term correctly.
  • Add or subtract words
    If your search returns too many results, add more words to refine your search parameters or, if you've gotten too few results, reduce the number of words.
  • Ignore capitalization
    Don't worry about capitalization—for example, "Lemon Law" will return the same results as "lemon law."
  • Use exact phrases
    Using quotation marks around a phrase tells the search engine to find the exact phrase. For example, "lemon law" will find only records where law follows lemon. Lemon law without quotes will return all records that contain the two words, but not in any particular sequence.
  • Use + or -
    Use a + (plus) sign when your search term or phrase must be in the results and a - (minus) sign when you want a term or phrase to be excluded.
  • Use wildcards
    You can use a single asterisk (*) as a wildcard to let you to look for words that begin with the same letters. For example, a search using "auto*" will return articles that contain the words auto, automobiles and automatic.
  • Experiment
    Play around. Try different words and phrases to see what results get returned.
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