Published: December 2005

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Some footers are just borders to end the page; not ours. The footer at Consumer Action's site is your access point to our archives. You may have noticed, while you are browsing various sections of this site, that each section index page typically displays no more than 20-25 of the most recent articles within the section. That's great for providing you a quick access to what is new and relevant, but it doesn't help you when you want to review an article or publication from 1996. The Consumer Action site has an extensive archive and they are all available for free through the web. A listing of our archive groups are accessible through the site footer. In each archive section, you will see a reverse chronological display of articles and publications grouped by month and year. Each page will display twenty-five (25) items at a time, with additional page navigation links located at the top and bottom of each page. The archive pages will jump you through a section historically, twenty-five items at a time; or you can skip ahead by clicking on the first/last page.


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