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What are my rights when my flight is cancelled?

Believe it or not, U.S. airlines are not required to compensate passengers when their domestic flight is delayed or canceled. If your flight is canceled, most airlines will rebook you on their next available flight to your destination, at no additional charge. If you face a significant delay to your destination, ask if the airline will transfer your ticket to another carrier if you can find an earlier flight with another company. You can also demand a full refund and use that money to book a flight on a different airline. (If a cancelled flight means an overnight stay, airlines sometimes put non-local passengers up in a hotel and/or pay for meals, but, again, this isn't required by law.)

Tip: If a delayed or cancelled flight is going to have serious consequences for you, fly in the morning (when delays are less likely) and choose an airline that has multiple daily flights to your destination so that you have a better chance of getting on another one.

Learn more about airline passenger rights in the Fall 2018 issue of Consumer Action News.





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