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What is a CLUE report?

CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) is a claims history database that enables insurance companies to access consumer claims information provided by other insurance companies to be used for underwriting or rating an insurance policy. (Most insurers renewing existing policies do not access CLUE reports at renewal, largely because they already have loss histories for these properties in their own database.)

The CLUE report provides a seven-year history of property insurance claims. The data reported for each loss includes policyholder identification, property address, date of loss, loss type and amount paid, along with general information such as policy number, claim number and insurance company name.  

Only loss history information is stored in the database and incorporated into CLUE reports. Credit reports, criminal records, civil lawsuits and legal judgments are not stored in the database.

Only insurance companies that subscribe to CLUE can submit loss data and access CLUE reports. Some companies choose not to subscribe to CLUE. Losses filed with nonparticipating companies will not appear on a CLUE report.




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