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Can I trust a credit repair firm to help rebuild my credit?

Companies that claim they can repair your credit advertise on TV, in newspapers, with flyers, and on the Internet. These companies "guarantee" to fix your credit for a fee. Save your money - only time, discipline, and patience will repair damaged credit.

At worst, credit repair companies may illegally offer you a new credit identity. This is done with forged documents. You are breaking the law if you use a false credit history.

Credit repair companies charge you for things that you can do yourself for free. You can dispute errors in your credit report or apply for a secured credit card on your own. If you need help negotiating with a creditor, you can get help from a nonprofit agency, such as Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

Sometimes, credit repair firms are outright frauds. They take your money and run. Protect yourself: ignore credit repair offers!

For more on credit repair and rebuilding your credit, see our fact sheets Credit Repair Scams: They Make Your Money Disappear (2000) and Put Bad Credit Behind You: Improve Your Credit. If you are looking for advice on secured credit cards, read our Building or Repairing Your Credit with a Secured Credit Card. To find a secured credit card, visit



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