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Debit cards


Are there fees associated with using a debit card?

There may be. Here are some examples of potential fees associated with using a debit card:

  • If you use your debit card to withdraw cash from another institution’s ATM, you would incur a fee, from one or possibly both banks involved.
  • Your bank could charge you point-of-sale transaction fees. These fees are relatively rare, but some banks will charge you for using your debit card for purchases.
  • Merchants may impose a surcharge for using your debit card. ARCO or ampm, for example, will charge you 45 cents extra when you pay with a debit card. Merchants are not allowed to surcharge credit cards, but will, in some cases, surcharge debit cards.
  • If you have opted in to your bank’s overdraft protection plan, then you could incur an overdraft fee if you spend more than you have in your account.



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