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Can companies and marketers collect data from my children online and through apps?

Children are probably most susceptible to requests for their personal information when online (including when using apps on an internet-connected device). To protect them, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act [COPPA] requires sites to obtain parental consent for the collection or use of any personally identifying information from children under 13. Revisions made to the rule in 2013 widened the definition of children’s personal information to include persistent identifiers, such as cookies that track a child’s activity online, geolocation information, photos (depending on your settings, your smartphone may be using its built-in GPS capability to embed your exact location into the photos you take using the device’s built-in camera), videos and audio recordings.

Still, the best way to protect your children’s privacy, online and off, is to instruct them not to reveal personal information until they have checked with you first.




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