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Consular ID (Matricula Consular)


How do I obtain a consular ID card?

Contact your local consulate to find out if they offer consular ID cards. Some consulates offer the option to apply by mail, but most require the applicant to obtain an appointment to visit their offices in person.

Here is a list of some of the consulates that currently issue consular ID cards. To locate your local consulate, visit the following websites or contact the appropriate embassy:

ARGENTINA - Matrícula Consular Argentina
Embassy of Argentina website
Embassy: 202-238-6401

BRAZIL - Matrícula de Cidadão Brasileiro
Embassy of Brazil website
Embassy: 202-461-3000

COLOMBIA - Tarjeta de Registro Consular
Embassy of Colombia website
Embassy: 202-387-8338

GUATEMALA - Tarjeta de Identificación Consular
Embassy of Guatemala website
Embassy: 202-745-4952

Embassy of Guinea website
Embassy: 202-986-4300

MALI - Carte d'Identité Consulaire
Embassy of Mali website
Embassy: 202-332-2249
Consulate General of Mali in NY: (212) 737-4150

MEXICO - Mexican Matrícula Consular de Alta Seguridad
Read the Mexican embassy’s instruction sheet on obtaining a matrícula.
Embassy: 202-728-1600

SENEGAL - Carte Consulaire
Embassy of Senegal website
Embassy: 202-234-0540 or (202) 234-0541

The following countries are in the process of establishing their own consular ID card programs or may have an alternative document (such as a national ID) that could be used as a form of identification and/or for accessing certain financial services.

Their localizador de archivo and original passport are accepted by some financial institutions. Contact your local consulate for more information.
Embassy of Dominican Republic website
Embassy: 202-332-6280

Embassy of El Salvador website
Embassy: 202-595-7500

Embassy of Ecuador website
Embassy: 202-234-7200

Embassy of Honduras website
Embassy: 202-737-2972/78

Nigerian Consulate of Atlanta website
New York
Nigerian Consulate of New York website
Embassy: (202) 986-8400

Consulate General of Pakistan
Consulate General of Pakistan in New York website

PERU - Documento Nacional de Identificación
Peruvian consulates do not offer consular ID cards. However, their national ID may be accepted as form of ID by some institutions or companies.
Peruvian Consulate website
Embassy: 202-833–9860/69



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