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Prepaid cards


How would I know if there were an error or fraud on my prepaid card account if I don’t receive transaction statements?

Not all prepaid card issuers issue a monthly transaction record, but all must make your transaction history available. By law, the issuer must let you access your account balance by phone, review at least 12 months of online account transaction history, and request at least two years’ worth of written transaction history for free. You might also be able to sign up to receive statements by mail, email or text, but there may be a fee for one or more of these delivery options.

To catch any errors or suspicious activity, log in to your account regularly. Compare the activity onscreen to your transaction receipts, which you should keep until you are sure there are no errors and you will not need them to make a return. Notify the card issuer immediately if you notice anything wrong.

Take advantage of any free account management tools that will help you keep track of your money, such as text alerts or apps (mobile applications).




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