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Credit reports and scores


How do I read my credit report?

First, check your name and the spelling to see if there are any errors. Mistakes can result in someone else's information appearing on your credit report.

Second, check your Social Security number, birth date and address for any errors. Sometimes data entry staff make mistakes, such as transposing numbers.

After careful review, follow instructions from the reporting agency on how to read your credit history. Look, in particular, for accounts you don't recognize (or duplicate accounts), misinformation (wrong account status, reason for closure, etc.) and outdated information (accounts or activity that should have timed off the report by now). Make sure that the companies listed at the end of the report, who have "pulled" your credit report to examine it, are businesses you recognize and/or they have a legitimate reason to do so.

Follow the instructions for notifying the credit bureau of any issues.




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