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What is a tenant history report?

A tenant history report is one of a variety of “specialty consumer reports” that compile specific information on consumers. A tenant, or rental, history report lists previous addresses, rental payment history, evictions and other information obtained from previous landlords and court records. Managers of multi-unit buildings are more likely to request your tenant history report than the landlord of a single-family home or just a few units.

You can request your tenant history report (and any other credit or specialty reports) at any time—you’re entitled to one free copy of any report once every 12 months. But because the information you provide in your request becomes part of the agency’s database, and because the request process can be inconvenient, you might be better off ordering your report only when you know it might be used, such as before you apply to rent a home. Be sure to allow enough time to correct inaccurate information or include an explanation about unfavorable content, if necessary.

The major tenant history sources are:

If you’re looking to rent and likely to be subject to a tenant screening, order your tenant reports before shopping for your new home so that you have time to correct inaccuracies or to be prepared to explain any negative information to a prospective landlord. (Since these are not the only sources of tenant history reports, ask the building manager or landlord what reporting company he or she will be using.)

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