Digital Dollars Class Activity - Facts you should know

The "Facts you should know" learning activity, part of the Digital Dollars module on online banking, mobile banking and mobile payments, is based on material covered in the first half of the module's lesson plan.
Published: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Digital Dollars "Facts you should know" classroom activity, based on the first half of the Digital Dollars lesson, is an ideal activity for use midway through the lesson, such as before a short mid-lesson break. The fill-in-the-blank activity can be used as a competive learning game with participants working in teams.

Suggested Use: To use as a learning game, workshop leaders can reproduce the activity onto poster-sized paper. To maintain costs to a minimum, workshop leaders can determine if an available office copier can make 11" by 17" copies. If so, the 8 1/2" by 11" activity sheet can be folded in half, and then each half can be enlarged to 11" by 17", yielding two large sheets. These can be taped together to form a poster-sized single sheet that participants can work on in teams during the activity. Make enough poster-sized sheets to distribute one per-team. (For very large teams, you may want to have on-hand some letter-sized sheets as well, in case some team members are unable to see the poster. The team will still have to complete the poster-sized sheet.)

During the activity, teams can compete to complete the fill-in-the blank sheet. If prizes are available, the winning team can get a prize for everyone at their table. Leaders can enhance the activity by having players fill their team's correct answers using removable color coding labels (e.g. Avery brand labels #5473). The trainer can prepare the labels ahead of time by writing out the alphabet on the label sheets (A thru Z, with one letter per label). Each competing team should get a label sheet for filling out answers at the same time they get the poster-sized sheet.

The Winners: Trainers can explain to learners that the team who finishes first with the most answers correct wins. Note that the first group to complete the activity will not necessarily be the winner, since they won't necessarily have all the correct answers.

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