Good credit in Filipinotown

The non-profit Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA) invited Consumer Action’s Nelson Santiago to be part of its eight-session entreprenurial training program.
Published: Thursday, April 03, 2014

The non-profit Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA) is a long-time partner in Consumer Action’s network of community-based organizations. In February, the group invited Consumer Action’s Nelson Santiago to be part of its eight-session entrepreneurial training program.

Anna Marie Cruz, a small business specialist at SIPA, asked Santiago to present the MoneyWi$e “Building and Keeping Good Credit” module to a group of about 25 entrepreneurs enrolled in the program offered by SIPA’s Small Business Development Program. SIPA’s program provides training to local entrepreneurs and small business owners on starting businesses and on expanding and improving existing businesses. Cruz sought Consumer Action’s participation citing the importance of helping entrepreneurs build the best possible personal credit history so that they can eventually access credit for their businesses.

Consumer Action’s MoneyWi$e modules are created in partnership with Capital One Bank. Santiago, who regularly presents the MoneyWi$e credit module at train-the-trainer meetings around the country, welcomed the opportunity to present to SIPA’s clients a few miles west of downtown Los Angeles, in the heart of historic Filipinotown.

“Small business owners and entrepreneurs are often among the audiences most eager to learn about credit,” Santiago explained. The group attending the SIPA workshop was engaged and eager to learn about the topics covered, from the best way to obtain credit reports to avoiding scams that promise quick credit fixes. During the hour and a half workshop, Santiago not only covered the substantive material but also gave attendees a chance to test their credit knowledge in a competitive and interactive activity. (The free MoneyWi$e curricula include many interactive classroom activities.)

After the workshop, Santiago remarked on the great feedback—and appreciation—from participants. “Attendees received lots of information and resources, and based on the applause and cheers at the conclusion of the workshop, I think they had fun too.” Aside from the thanks, Santiago said that the turkey sandwich and potato chips that SIPA packed for him to take home after the late evening workshop also said “Thank you” in a really big way.




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