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An in-service training on credit reporting was done for the Eviction Defense Collaborative of San Francisco.
Published: Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Last month, Consumer Action held an in-service training on credit reporting for the staff attorneys and volunteers of the Eviction Defense Collaborative of San Francisco. Audrey Perrott, Consumer Action’s associate director of outreach and training, presented to the group. Close to 20 staff and volunteers from the Collaborative took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about credit reports, credit scores and specialty consumer reports.

The Eviction Defense Collaborative provides counseling and legal help to individuals going through the eviction process.

In the training, Perrott used the “Credit Reports, Credit Scores and Specialty Reports” module developed by Consumer Action in partnership with Experian, as well as other supplemental information provided by Experian and VantageScore Solutions. (Visit our Training Modules page to view all of our collections.)

Perrott spent the first half of the training on credit reports and scores. She answered questions about how and when evictions appear on credit reports, if evictions from one state appear on credit reports in another state and other related information. She then delved into specialty consumer reports, little-known sources of consumer data compiled by various data collection companies, data brokers and niche credit reporting companies.

Consumer Action provides in-service trainings for community partners to help them better educate their clients on how to assert their rights in the marketplace. In addition, Consumer Action provides free multilingual educational materials to community groups for their education programs. To learn more about our outreach and training activities, visit our Outreach & Training page.




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