You are invited to join Keep Me Posted North America campaign

A new campaign centers on ensuring that people are given a choice of format (paper and electronic delivery) for bills and statements. Please join Keep Me Posted North America.
Published: Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Consumer Action wants to make our community based partners aware of a new campaign that is starting up in the U.S. and Canada called Keep Me Posted North America. The key objective of the campaign is to protect consumers' right to choose, without penalty, how they are billed by banks, utility companies and other service providers. As you know, many corporations now are forcing consumers to go digital (i.e. eliminating the paper option, or charging more for it), without giving people a choice.

It’s a global campaign that has had much success in the United Kingdom, Australia and Europe (learn more). In the U.S., Consumer Action, the National Consumers League and The National Grange support the campaign, which is expected to launch this fall.

We believe that not giving people a choice of format for bills and statements puts many consumers at a disadvantage and can have a devastating effect on some of the most vulnerable sectors of society who are digitally excluded, such as: elders (seniors make up 2/3rds of those who have never used the internet); those with disabilities (millions who have never used the internet); carers, who sometimes can’t manage someone else’s affairs electronically; and those in rural areas without broadband access or very slow internet speeds.

The campaign will seek the voluntary adoption of the Keep Me Posted pledge from large and small service providers through a campaign built around a coalition of supporters (postal operators, consumer groups, senior service organizations, physical and mental health charities, trade unions, etc.).

We would appreciate your support of the campaign (no funding required). We also will be seeking groups for our steering committee who can participate in monthly calls (30 minutes). To discuss taking part, please feel free to contact Phil Riebel (campaign director) at 855-896-7433 or [email protected].

I hope you find this to be an interesting opportunity and will join us in this effort!




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