Preparation and practice makes perfect

This month Tips for Training Success discusses how to prepare for a presentation.
Published: Sunday, July 01, 2007
There are two secrets to making a good presentation: preparation and practice. Take the time to prepare properly and your chances of success will increase enormously.

Defining your purpose

What do you want to communicate to your audience? Before you start to prepare your presentation, decide what you want to achieve. Focus on the purpose of the presentation at every stage to ensure that your  presentation is relevant and efficient. Here are a few points to remember when planning for your presentation:
  • Presentation should to relevant, simple and to the point.
  • The audience will be impressed by the depth and breadth of your knowledge and honesty rather than by a show of fake intellect or arrogance.
  • A positive attitude, energy and enthusiasm for the subject will speak volumes to your audience. You will be remembered by your audience long after the details of your speech have been forgotten.
  • Once you have written your speech, remember to cut it, cut it, and cut it again.

Know your audience

It's very important to know as much about your audience as possible. It will help you to know the level of knowledge that exist in the room as well as individuals that can be used as experts to help answer questions.

Be yourself

Unless you are a trained actor or actress, it's difficult trying to be anyone other than yourself. We all bring different assets to the table that complements the overall team. Concentrate on defining and utilizing your best assets. If you have a strong voice, use it to your advantage. If you have a talent for being humorous, use it to make the audience feel comfortable.



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