App makers getting out in front of government intervention

Source: Julio Rivera, Newsmax

At times, the advertising claims and tactics used by some app makers has crossed into a territory that has cast the highly competitive business of selling apps in a negative light, with "good guy" app makers being lumped in with the lawless mountebanks currently populating the dark alleys of the digital marketplace. These developments led to the creation of, which is a business association comprised of app makers, marketers and their enablers. The organization is essentially a trade group of leading software and tech companies, whose goal is to create a safer internet economy for consumers by educating business communities about the significance of compliant development and app promotion.

The advisory board for CleanApps includes Glaucia Young, an engineering director at Microsoft; Dennis Batchelder, president of AppEsteem, another industry group that has offered a roadmap to what can be considered good industry practices; and Linda Sherry–the director of national priorities at Consumer Action.

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