Congress should vote down this harmful debt collection bill

Source: Bart Stichman & Margot Saunders, Op-Ed, The Hill

This week, the House Financial Services Committee will vote on whether to open the floodgates to abusive litigation conduct by debt collection attorneys and debt buyers who work in their name. The Practice of Law Technical Clarification Act would unwind a bedrock protection for the 77 million Americans with debts in collection, including struggling families, elders, servicemembers and veterans.

If Congress passes this bill, attorneys and law firms engaged in debt collection around the country would no longer be in violation of the FDCPA even if they file lawsuits in courts hundreds of miles away from where members of the armed services are stationed or other the consumers live, making it nearly impossible for most consumers to appear in court to defend themselves against the collection lawsuit, and file lawsuits on old debts long after the legal time limit to sue has expired, pursuing zombie debt so old that people no longer have records to show they already paid.

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