It’s time to finally fix air travel

Source: William McGee, American Economic Liberties Projext (Paid Registration)

On Wednesday morning, the Federal Aviation Administration was forced to reboot its system that alerts pilots to safety issues, grounding all air traffic in the United States.

Much of the rest of the world — Europe, East Asia and the Middle East — uses more sophisticated, accurate and reliable satellite-based systems for tracking air traffic. Here, we are mired in a political fight between airlines and lawmakers over who will pay for the Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen, which is badly needed to modernize our air navigational system‌‌. So NextGen has been adopted in a partial and piecemeal fashion, with a patchwork of overlapping and conflicting flight tracking and safety systems.

Last summer’s mass cancellations, the Southwest meltdown, numerous other airline I.T. outages, and now this F.A.A. outage show we need to rethink how we do air travel in the United States.

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