U.S. stops orange juice imports due to fungicide

Source: Maggie Shader, Consumer Reports

Senior scientist at Consumer Reports discusses the halt on shipments of orange juice. See below. The Food and Drug Administration has blocked imported orange juice from all countries after trace amounts of fungicide were found in orange juice products from Brazil. The halt on all shipments will stay in effect while the FDA tests for the fungicide, carbendazim, which studies have linked to a higher risk of liver tumors in animals. Fungicides are chemical compounds or biological organisms used to kill or inhibit fungi or fungal spores that can damage agriculture. It was the Coca Cola Company, owner of the Minute Maid brand, that alerted the FDA that their orange juice and that of their competitors carried residues of the chemical, the New York Times reports. Coca Cola was legally required to come forward, under the 2008 Amendments to the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act creating a Reportable Food Registry, says Michael Hansen, senior scientist at Consumer Reports.

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