Privacy and identity theft statutes
The 2008 edition of a California government report, "Consumer Privacy and Identity Theft - A Summary of Key Statutes and Guide for Lawmakers," is available. Comments: 1

Study Finds Skeptical Nature is a Good Defense to Fraud
A study at Washington State University finds that If you’re not easily taken in by e-mail “phishing” attempts and other fraudulent Internet scams designed to get you to reveal sensitive personal information, it may not be so much a result of your online experience and computer savvy as a natural reflection of your own personality. Comments: 0

Legal Assistance for Families Facing Surge in Foreclosures
New Institute for Foreclosure Legal Assistance (IFLA) will provide support to groups giving legal representation to families facing foreclosure and financial ruin because of abusive subprime mortgages. Comments: 0

FTC Releases Second Fraud Survey
More than 30 million adults in the United States — 13.5 percent of the adult population of the country — were victims of certain scams during a 12-month period from 2004 to 2005, according to a newly released survey from the Federal Trade Commission. Comments: 1

Most common scams against Latino consumers
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will release the results of the Hispanic Surf—an anti-fraud project—on September 27, 2006. Consumer Action will report on this important release. Meanwhile, Consumer Action's staff has examined 2006 scams and complaints by Latino consumers and found some trends to share. Comments: 1

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