Recent changes in reverse mortgages impact older homeowners
Consumers have more choice in reverse mortgages, but these loans are generally more expensive and more complicated, finds a new study by the AARP Public Policy Institute. Comments: 0

Could regulations have prevented the economic crisis?
A new report by the Congressional Oversight Committee points to three areas of regulation that could have prevented the current economic crisis. Comments: 1

Foreclosures take toll on city finances
The National League of Cities released a new "Insta-Poll" that showed two-thirds of cities and towns are seeing increased foreclosures and one-third are seeing reduced city finances as a result. Comments: 0

Legal Assistance for Families Facing Surge in Foreclosures
New Institute for Foreclosure Legal Assistance (IFLA) will provide support to groups giving legal representation to families facing foreclosure and financial ruin because of abusive subprime mortgages. Comments: 0

Mortgage Lending Crisis and its Impact on Hispanic Community
The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) issue report on mortgage lending crisis and its impact on Hispanic community. The report provides recommendations to policymakers and lending industry as well as tips for consumers. Comments: 0

Brokerage held liable in predatory mortgage loans
When investors are held liable for the actions of the companies they fund and the mortgage loans they purchase on the secondary market, it can have a chilling effect on predatory lending practices. In an important recent case, a federal appeals court upheld a lower court decision that Lehman Brothers knowingly participated in fraudulent predatory loans being made to subprime borrowers. Comments: 0

Online roommate ads defy spirit of Fair Housing Act allows its patrons can post housing ads containing statements about tenant preferences that would be considered discriminatory under the federal Fair Housing Act. Housing advocates await the outcome of a lawsuit they filed against the website. Comments: 1

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