Updated: August 2023

Anna Flores

Executive Director

Anna Flores is the former executive director of the Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) program. Founded in 2002, the CARE program educates high school and college students on the responsible use of credit and other fundamentals of financial literacy, as well as the potential consequences of poor money management and credit card abuse. The American Bankruptcy Institute administers CARE. Prior to joining the CARE program, Flores was the executive director of Veterans Assistance for Learning, Opportunity & Readiness (VALOR), where she worked on strategic planning, fundraising, brand awareness and partnership development to ensure financial independence for America’s veterans and servicemembers. She also was the vice president of consumer and community affairs for American Express for 15 years, where she established long-term relationships with consumer advocacy organizations, community-based organizations, government agencies and industry representatives. She also served as director of the Office of Consumer Affairs for the District of Columbia Public Service Commission and as executive director of the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators.


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