Funders & Partners

  • 40th Anniversary donors (2011)

    Consumer Action’s 40th annual fundraising event took in $147,760 to support Consumer Action’s work from the funders listed here.

  • 41st Anniversary donors (2012)

    Consumer Action 2012 fundraiser garnered $180,000 in support of under-funded activities such as our newsletters and consumer assistance hotline.

  • 42nd Anniversary donors (2013)

    Consumer Action’s 2013 fundraiser in Washington, D.C., raised more than $200,000 in support of organization’s multilingual consumer education.

  • 43rd Anniversary donors (2014)

    Consumer Action’s 43rd fundraiser set a new record, raising $240,000, from the donors listed.

  • 44th Anniversary donors (2015)

    Consumer Action is grateful to the donors (listed here) who contributed to our 44th anniversary awards event.

  • 45th Anniversary donors (2016)

    In 2016 Consumer Action gratefully received these donations in honor of its 45th anniversary.

  • 46th anniversary donors (2017)

    More than four decades of outstanding consumer advocacy work was recognized by these donors on our 46th anniversary.

  • 47th anniversary donors (2018)

    Consumer Action gratefully acknowledges these contributors to our 47th anniversary fundraiser.

  • Cy pres grants (1989-2020)

    This lists the cases in which Consumer Action has been the recipient of court awards (cy pres funding).

  • Educational partnerships

    Consumer Action is proud to have produced educational materials in partnership with these corporations and organizations.


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