Updated: May 2019

Consumer Action’s Copyright Policy

Updated: May 2019

Consumer Action’s copyright policy

Consumer Action retains the copyright on all text and graphics on this site and on all of Consumer Action's printed materials.

Commercial use. Commercial reproduction or distribution of Consumer Action's copyrighted materials without permission is strictly forbidden. Commercial entities can find out more about our commercial reproduction and distribution policies by contacting Consumer Action by phone at 415-777-9648 or by email (editor AT consumer-action DOT org).

Consumer Action surveys. Any and all use of Consumer Action's name or any reference to its surveys in advertising or for any other commercial purpose is strictly prohibited.

Non-profit educational purposes. We work closely with non-profit and community organizations to ensure that our information has a broad reach. Non-profit and community-based organizations may freely display, distribute and reproduce Consumer Action publications for noncommercial purposes only, and must provide proper attribution to Consumer Action. Attribution must state: Source: Consumer Action, www.consumer-action.org. All rights reserved.

Reuse or distribution. You must make it clear to others who may receive our materials from you that the copyright belongs to Consumer Action.

Fair use. With proper attribution, Consumer Action allows you to quote from or reproduce sections of its work for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research.

Linking. You may freely link to our online publications. Language accompanying the links must clearly state that you are linking to Consumer Action materials.

Permissions. We will consider waiving provisions of the above policy when you seek written permission from Consumer Action. To request permission to reprint or alter our publications, email us (editor AT consumer-action DOT org).


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