Updated: January 2005

Translation Services

Consumer Action has translated consumer educational materials into Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese for more than 10 years for a number of corporate and government clients, such as Federal Reserve System, HUD, the U.S. Treasury, Bank of America, Capital One, Consumer Federation of America, and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation. These materials are distributed to individual consumers by community-based organizations (CBOs) in New York, Florida, Texas, California and other states with significant populations of limited English speaking consumers.

Consumer Action works with experienced translators who can be trusted to accurately convey the meaning and tone of the original English publication. As the majority of these translators are also community-based organization staff, they are in a unique position to translate Consumer Action's publications for maximum accessibility.

To discuss how Consumer Action can help you fulfill your translation needs, please call Kathy Li at 415-777-9648, or email Info at Consumer Action.


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