12 Credit Card Facts Quiz (Activity)

Give participants in your workshops a chance to test their knowledge on smart credit card use, particularly after new credit rules that took effect in 2010, with our "12 Credit Card Facts Quiz".
Published: Monday, September 20, 2010

The 12 Credit Card Facts Quiz contains questions related to material in Consumer Action’s Credit Cards: What You Need to Know educational module.

You can turn the “quiz” into an interactive activity by printing it on large format paper (e.g. 18” by 24”). You can then form teams and allow groups to work together on their team’s own poster-sized sheet.

Teams can “fill in the blank” using markers or by “sticking” their answer to the sheet. You can prepare in advance small removable labels or “stickers” with letters that teams can use to select their answers.

Team representatives can line up in the front of the room with their completed sheets. To choose the winners in this activity, identify the team that finished earliest, and that also selected the most correct answers. (Being first to finish doesn’t make you a winner if other teams got more correct answers.)

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