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Library of Korean Publications, Sorted by Date

Auto Insurance: The Basics (Korean)

Library: Korean | Auto Insurance: The Basics (Korean) . It’s every driver’s responsibility to have adequate auto insurance. This guide will help you determine how much—and what kinds of—coverage you need, and how to get protection at the best price. Filed Under: on Mar 31, 2015

IP Transition: Making the Switch (Korean)

Library: Korean | IP Transition: Making the Switch (Korean) The next communication evolution. This fact sheet explains what Internet-based (IP) telephone service is, why the transition away from traditional (copper-based landline) phone service is happening and what advantages this type of connection offers for consumers. The brochure also explains consumers’ service options and how they can make a smooth transition. Filed Under: Internet Telecom/TV Wireless on Jan 30, 2015

Checking and savings accounts (Korean)

Library: Korean | Checking and savings accounts (Korean) A wise choice. This fact sheet presents the basics of checking and savings accounts, highlighting the advantages they offer over “fringe” banking services such as check cashers. The publication covers, among other topics, how checking and savings accounts work, how to choose a financial institution and open an account, and how to reduce or avoid account fees. Filed Under: on Feb 03, 2014

You Can Buy a Home - The keys to homeownership (Korean)

Library: Korean | You Can Buy a Home - The keys to homeownership (Korean) . Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you'll ever make. In this brochure, we cover key topics for potential homeowners, including preparing to buy a home, predicting homeownership costs, finding the right home, shopping for a mortgage and making an offer. Filed Under: Housing Buying a Home Home Financing Mortgages on Aug 13, 2013

Health Records Privacy in California (Korean)

Library: Korean | Health Records Privacy in California (Korean) 의료정보 전산화로인한 개인정보 보호하기. This fact sheet provides an introduction to electronic health records and your health information privacy rights. To learn more, refer to the companion resource, Health Records Privacy in California: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, which provides additional information in a Q&A format. Filed Under: Medical/Healthcare Privacy Rights on Jul 09, 2013

Teens & Money - Talking to teens about money (Korean)

Library: Korean | Teens & Money - Talking to teens about money (Korean) . This 24-page booklet is designed primarily for parents but may also be useful for older teens. It covers many topics, including working, budgeting, figuring out if a purchase is a "need" or a "want," banking, writing checks, savings, credit cards, credit reports, driving and cell phones. The booklet contains illustrations and examples of a weekly spending evaluation, a paycheck stub, how comparison shopping can save money and how to write a check. It also contains a list of helpful web sites for parents and kids. Filed Under: Money Management on May 10, 2013

Cell Phone Savvy (Korean)

Library: Korean | Cell Phone Savvy (Korean) How to avoid problems with your wireless device and service . This publication provides information on how to avoid problems with your wireless device and service. Filed Under: Telecom/TV Wireless on Jun 26, 2012

Prepaid Cards (Korean)

Library: Korean | Prepaid Cards (Korean) An alternative to credit and debit cards. Learn how reloadable prepaid cards are different from other forms of “plastic,” how to select the best prepaid card for your needs, how to reduce card costs and how to manage your card account wisely. Filed Under: Banking Money Management Prepaid Cards on May 08, 2012

Your Digital Dollars - Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments (Korean)

Library: Korean | Your Digital Dollars - Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments (Korean) Make financial transactions safely on the go. Check your balance…transfer money…make a purchase—these are just a few of the things you can do on the go with a cellular telephone or other mobile device. Filed Under: Banking Fraud/Scams Internet Money Management on Apr 23, 2012

Your Digital Dollars - Safety and privacy in online and mobile transactions (Korean)

Library: Korean | Your Digital Dollars - Safety and privacy in online and mobile transactions (Korean) Protect your identity and data while banking or paying digitally. As more daily tasks, from shopping and banking to working and socializing, get done on a computer or mobile device, the opportunities to expose personal data increase.
Filed Under: Fraud/Scams Internet Privacy Rights Wireless on Apr 19, 2012


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